I believe my role as a management professor is to help students develop their ability to make better decisions using evidence-based organizational knowledge. 

To accomplish this goal, I aim to (1) inspire students to take ownership of their learning, (2) ground my course in real-world applications as well as research evidence, and (3) deliver genuine care for individual student growth. 

What my students like best about my teaching: 

"This was my favorite class I have ever taken at PSU. I LOVED it! Dr. Ryu was just awesome. I learned so much on leadership and I will use this in my future for sure."

"June is a great professor, and I loved this class. She is highly passionate about her teachings and it aligned well with real life situations."

“I loved having Professor Ryu the most. She made class fun, engaging, and showed she really cared about the material and us learning it. 10/10 would take again” 

“Professor Ryu was extremely helpful, energetic and kind. She made the course interesting despite the fact that we were unable to interact in person.” 

“I think she is a really sweet person who cares about her students. Wants them to succeed and people seem more willing to participate in her class than in others in a virtual environment.” 

“I think that our instructor used our time very efficiently and used many real–world examples to explain concepts to us. She was also very good at listening to students and helping them understand the material.” 

"I felt that she was extremely knowledgeable on the subject, but more importantly she was excited about it. Her enthusiasm for the class definitely improved the class as a whole for me."

"I really enjoyed how involved Professor Ryu was throughout the entirety of the semester. She really got everyone to speak in the Zoom sessions and I really enjoyed that a lot."